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Presenting the technology, the current state of science and the benefits of using VAM for OLTC – attend MR’s session on demand!

MR’s Karsten Viereck and Tobias Gruber hosted this live e-lesson at the Transformers Academy on Tuesday, 8 June 2021, at 1 PM CET. Click here to get the room link for the on-demand session!


On-load tap-changers are among the most important and critical components of power transformers. For this reason, it is crucial for grid operators to know their condition at any time. Thanks to our experience gained over 20 years of tap-changer monitoring, we have developed a unique online diagnostic tool: MSENSE® VAM.

This stands for vibroacoustic measurement and can be used universally for the diagnostics of all types and brands of OLTCs. In this session we will present the technology, the current state of science and the benefits of using VAM for OLTC. Furthermore, we will present an outlook on how technology can be used to monitor the active part of a power transformer.

Keywords: monitoring, vibroacoustic, OLTC

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