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Presenting Transformers Academy Diploma study programmes

Transformers Academy is a unique e-learning platform which makes lifelong knowledge and experience accessible worldwide and affordable to everybody. Twelve professional courses held by leading experts in the industry are available live and on demand, and more topics are yet to come

As the number of available courses is increasing, we are moving this learning experience to a whole new level: today, we are presenting Transformers Academy Diploma study programmes.

The new content represents the most advanced form of education at the Transformers Academy, and it suits all profiles of employees in transformer manufacturing companies, in companies that supply materials, components, and equipment, in utilities, laboratories, consulting and engineering companies, etc. By deciding to study one of the programmes, you are joining the circle of leaders in the transformer industry.


For individuals with shorter experience in the transformer industry or non-technical personnel, we have combined multiple lessons to serve as the fundamental step towards gaining the expertise in managerial and technical positions.

See the obligatory and elective courses.



Many of the existing and future students at the TA are engineers and technicians. Those coming from the field of design, quality, manufacturing, testing, commissioning, diagnostics, monitoring, asset management, etc., will benefit from this programme, offering broad education on engineering topics.

See the obligatory and elective courses.



Company managers will now have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to participate in this training on managerial topics. The programme serves as a top booster of the necessary qualities in design, quality, manufacturing, testing, commissioning, diagnostics, monitoring, asset management, etc.

See the obligatory and elective courses.



The entire topic of management would be left incomplete without covering the area of asset management, which is of a particular interest for the professionals involved in testing, diagnostics, monitoring, design, quality, manufacturing, commissioning, etc. All of the obligatory courses complement each other and provide detailed education on asset management topics.

See the obligatory courses.


This all-encompassing programme educates professionals in the field of transformer reliability topics, but the sales and marketing people, supply chain personnel, company managers can profit from it too.

See the obligatory and elective courses.


With all that said – we are wholeheartedly inviting to join this professional ride. It is time to become the part of this exceptional learning environment and get the crucial support in accomplishing your vocational goals.