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Prisma Photonics to monitor more than 1,000 km of Israel’s national electric grid

Israel: Israel Electric Corporation signed an agreement to use the startup’s system that will alert on events occurring on the network and increase the ability to incorporate renewable energy into the existing grid

Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) has closed an agreement with Prisma Photonics to use their optical fibers to monitor 1,000 km on the national transmission grid, which is 20% of the total grid. Prisma’s product will monitor events that could be a threat to the regular operation of the power network and alert on faults while showing the exact geographical locations. Monitoring will have as a result better grid management, fast fault response, and increase of grid’s reliability. Moreover, collected weather and grid data will optimize the existing network, paving the way to better integrate renewable energy sources on the path to net zero emissions and IEC’s long-term sustainable vision.

Last year the IEC declared that it was investing in Prisma an undisclosed sum believed to be around several million dollars. Prisma raised $20 million last February, including from the likes of Insight Partners, SE Ventures and Future Energy Ventures. The company, founded in 2017 by Eran Inbar, also recently received a contribution from Israel Natural Gas Lines. The contribution came one year following an agreement between the companies in which Prisma Photonics implemented its PrismaFlow system for routine monitoring of gas pipeline segments in Israel.

Amir Livne, Senior VP of Strategy and Innovation at the IEC said that Prisma Photonics contributes to the improvement od the existing grid, while sharing with IEC net zero and renewable energy visions.

Dr. Eran Inbar, Prisma Photonics CEO pointed out that they are extending their coverage to 1,000 km using new technology to a span no one has attempted before. He also added that the project will improve the Israeli power ecosystem, presenting an innovative solution to market obstacles in Israel, and abroad.

Source: CTech

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