Prodiel to build 500 MW solar plants for Solarcentury in Spain

Spain: Prodiel has secured a contract from British company Solarcentury to handle the installation of two solar projects in Spain with a total capacity of 500 MW.

According to the contract, the Spanish renewables infrastructure company will install the 300 MW Talayuela Solar plant in the region of Extremadura and the 200 MW Cabrera Solar development in Seville, Andalucía.

The contract has been awarded to Prodiel on the basis of a balance of system (BOS) format.

In addition, Prodiel will be responsible for developing the interconnection infrastructure.

The Talayuela Solar facility will be equipped with 830,000 solar panels that will be placed on 15,000 trackers and will have a 400 / 30 kV substation and a 350 MVA power transformer.

The clean energy generated by the facility will be transferred to Arañuelo Substation via a 21.4 km power line. Arañuelo Substation belongs to Spain’s national energy grid operator, Red Eléctrica Española (REE).

The installation works the Cabrera Solar facility are expected to be completed before 2021.

Cabrera Solar facility will be divided into four zones that will be named Primo Alemán, La Cabrera, Haza de los Sesenta and Los González.

As part of the project, a 220 kV booster substation will be installed and a 13 km 220 kV transmission line with 36 double-circuit towers will be built.


Source: Power Technology