PTC India announces five strategic collaborations

India: With a view to offering technology-based solutions, PTC India Ltd has announced the signing of MoUs with five technology and knowledge-based companies.

Ircon (India)

With domestic company Ircon, PTC is aiming to collaborate on project management consultancy, transmission and distribution projects.

Greenstat (Norway)

With Greenstat, a Norwegian company, PTC is working towards development of green hydrogen projects in India with a scope that encompasses feasibility studies and / or project management services for green hydrogen solutions.

AutoGrid (India)

In the partnership with AutoGrid, PTC will offer solutions for demand side management for distribution utilities, potential opportunities in the implementation of virtual power plants in India and offer technical solutions for supplying and procuring the round the clock power from renewable energy sources.

Hexagon (Sweden)

With Heaxgon, a Swedish multinational, PTC seeks to deploy technology-based solutions in project lifecycle management for conventional and renewable energy assets, geospatial mapping and safety infrastructure in the field of transmission and distribution and other related segments.

Chemtrols (India)

Under the framework of understanding with Chemtrols, PTC is seeking to partner with a strong front-end implementation team to deploy technology solutions in the segments of utility management, renewable energy management and system automation.

Evolving Market

According to Dr. Rajib K. Mishra, CMD, PTC India, “PTC has always been an organization that has been responsive to the needs of an evolving market. As a market maker, we have several clients in the entire value chain encompassing generation to distribution. Also, we are now transitioning to be an energy solutions provider offering services and technology-based solutions to market participants including in emerging areas like green hydrogen. With the announcement of these MoUs, we are announcing our readiness to offer any solution that the energy market participants require.”


Source: T&D India