Image source: CESI

Remote L@B, augmented reality for safer grids

Italy, Milan: KEMA Labs – CESI’s Testing, Inspection and Certification Division – announced on 30 November the start of Remote Lab Experience, a revolutionary initiative in terms of testing electromechanical components for the power sector.

In the current scenario where extreme weather phenomena are very frequent, power grids are exposed to higher risks. In this context, it is fundamental for utilities to be able to rely on resilient and efficient technologies, capable of guaranteeing constant functioning, without outages. This is what experimentation, testing, inspection and certification activities can achieve at CESI, world leader in the sector, also remotely from today.

Thanks to the introduction of the Remote L@b experience, augmented reality and remote interaction become a part of the new way of testing electromechanical components of power grids at CESI’s KEMA Labs facilities. Wearing interactive glasses that provide an untethered mixed reality device with apps and solutions that enhance collaboration, our experts at KEMA Labs facilities can interact, in real time, with customers as they are sat in their offices, miles away, or even in the comfort of their own home.

Due to presence of specific commands, such as head-tracking, customers could, for instance, request that the precise object on which they want to intervene appears on our technician’s special glasses, to guide them through the entire process. This can be done even from extremely long distances. Moreover, it is possible to make infographics, real-time data and more appear on the glasses as our experts interact with the tested item. In the meantime, our customers, many miles away from the facility, on their laptop will be able to share the same visual of what our experts are working on.

Remote L@b experience guarantees:

  • Local assembling of the test objects by qualified experts remotely guided by the client engineers,
  • Test execution with real-time data shared,
  • Qualified experts fully available to support in case of unexpected tasks.

In the current “new normal” times, CESI, through its KEMA Labs Division, proves once more its commitment to offer even more cutting-edge services that allow clients to conduct testing campaigns from wherever they are, saving budgets and taking care of their employees’ health and safety.


Source: CESI