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Research on Trends in Sustainability 2022

Following the recently held TM’s Industry Navigator conference on Sustainability, Transformers Magazine is conducting global research on sustainability to gain a deeper insight into the current situation and future trends in our industry, across the value chain (transformer materials and components, manufacturing, operation, applications, etc.).


Some of the questions that we would like to get answered in this research are:

  • How important are sustainability and circular economy?
  • Does your company have any sustainability targets?
  • Does your company have any sustainability innovation roadmap and targets for new transformers?
  • What should we focus our efforts on to improve sustainability?
  • How do people perceive green or eco-transformers?
  • Has your company done a Life Cycle Assessment of a transformer or any other product related to transformers so far?
  • Are you concerned about a risk of an unfair assessment of your company’s bid in tenders that include sustainability terms?
  • How to ensure a fair assessment of sustainability for all bidders/vendors?
  • What would be the most suitable inputs for the measurement of transformers’ circularity?
  • What materials and transformer parts can be effectively reused?
  • How can we as an industry collaborate to improve sustainability?
  • How to finance the upfront costs of sustainability?

Many other relevant questions will be answered based on this research. If you are interested in getting such answers, please fill in the questionnaire.

The due date for submitting the survey is Dec 10, 2022.

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