Image source: Grampian Online

Rothienorman substation project reaches a major milestone

UK, Scotland: The installation of a new substation at Rothienorman in Aberdeenshire is to reach a major milestone with the completion of Phase One.

The major construction works have been ongoing for almost two years.

The project, led by SSEN Transmission with principal contractors Siemens BAM and overhead line contractors MSVE, will facilitate the connection of clean, renewable energy projects from across the north of Scotland and transport power to areas of demand across the country.

Work has involved creating a new 275/400 kV substation around two miles west of the village of Rothienorman, along with reconductoring 23 km of overhead line upgrades to the existing powerline between Rothienorman and Kintore.

With Phase One of the project now complete, the substation helps reinforce the transmission network by increasing generation capacity access in the north-east and east coast of Scotland, which plays a key role in delivering a network for net-zero emissions.

Extensive environmental mitigation work took place throughout the project, including planting over 20,000 native trees and sowing native wildflower seeds around the site to help screen the new substation and reduce the visual impact of the project.

Work was taken to ensure badgers and foxes found to be living close by were not impacted by the development of the substation. Bird boxes, bat boxes and insect boxes were installed around the perimeter of the site to create a new habitat and encourage wildlife to nest in the area.

Environmental specialists estimate that the site has enhanced biodiversity by 60 % in the area, encouraging an increase in the amount of wildlife found within the area and supporting SSEN Transmission’s commitment to deliver biodiversity net gain on its projects.

Source: Grampian Online