Sale of Trench successfully completed

The sale of Trench from Siemens Energy to Triton has been successfully completed.


Sale of Trench successfully completed

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Germany, Berlin: Trench Group and the associated brands Trench and HSP have announced the successful completion of its sale from Siemens Energy to Triton, a European mid-market investor, important for Trench Group’s growth and accelerated value creation in the energy transmission market.

Backed by Triton, Trench Group is aims to enhance its market position and capitalize on new opportunities for innovation, expansion, and sustainability. The company is headquartered in Berlin and Erlangen, Germany, and operates nine factories and four regional hubs strategically located across the world. The company has a well-established management team, led by Dr. Bahadir Basdere (President, CEO), Christian Mack (CFO), and Klaus Merklein (CSO), which is committed to delivering superior products and services to its customers worldwide.

Both Trench and HSP are said to have a great brand reputation and be leaders in technology and sustainability. For example, Trench’s holistic concept REGENERA™ is its commitment for a sustainable future.

Dr. Basdere said, “We are excited to embark on this new chapter in Trench Group’s evolution. With our new investor, Triton, we are confident to rapidly grow and strengthen our position as the leader in technology and innovation for High Voltage Components and a key player to make energy transition reality. In this new setup, we will create even higher value and continue delivering exceptional to our customers, to make their business better.”

Source: Trench Group