Image source: T&D World

Siemens Energy awarded contract by TRE

Vietnam, Hanoi: Siemens Energy is to equip two onshore wind farms in Vietnam with Sensproducts, digitally enhanced transmission equipment.

The two wind farms, IaPet-Dak Doa 1 and IaPet-Dak Doa 2, located in the country’s central highlands, will have a capacity of 100 MW each. The wind farms are part of Vietnam’s ongoing Power Development Master Plan to further push the integration of renewable energy sources and to enhance the power supply.

The company will deliver, among other substation assets, digitally enhanced transmission products with advanced intelligence from the company’s Sensproducts portfolio, including connective circuit-breakers, surge arresters and power transformers.

Duong Quynh Hoa, CEO of TRE, said in the December 2020 statement, in part: “Once completed, the IaPet Dak Doa substation will be operated with two transformer banks of 900 MVA capacity each and become the key to both north and south grid system. Located right next to the existing Pleiku 2 substation which is also being upgraded, the total capacity of both combined substations will make this the biggest connection point in terms of capacity throughout Vietnam.”

All of the assets will be equipped with smart IOT (Internet of Things) technology and sensors to measure the most important operating parameters. The operator will be able to check the status of the substation assets via online applications in real time to increase efficiency and availability of operations.

The energization of the substation is scheduled for August. At the IaPet-Dak Doa one and IaPet-Dak Doa two wind farms, a total of 44 wind turbines will be installed. They are expected to generate a gross energy of about 532,622 MW h annually.


Source: T&D World