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Siemens Energy to help Equinor reduce offshore platform emissions

Norway: Siemens Energy will provide equipment for the partial electrification of Troll B and full electrification of the Troll C semi-submersibles.

Siemens Energy received a contract from Aker Solutions to supply the complete packages for the electrical transmission, distribution, and power management system (PMS) for the Troll West electrification project in the North Sea. The Troll field is operated by Equinor and contains considerable oil and gas reserves.

A key objective of the Troll West electrification project is to reduce NOx and CO2 emissions by replacing existing gas turbine-driven generators and compressors on the Troll B and C facilities with power from shore. The plan is to supply electrical power to Equinor’s Troll B and Troll C semisubmersibles with a 65 km, 150 MW subsea transmission cable from the Kollsnes natural gas processing plant on the island of Ona.

Equinor has communicated that they estimate that reducing the power from the gas turbines on the Troll B and Troll C facilities will reduce annual carbon emissions by about 1 % of all emissions from Norway. In addition, NOx emissions from the field will also be reduced by an estimated 1,700 T per year.

Siemens Energy’s scope of supply for the project includes a range of electrical equipment, including transformers, reactors, and switchgears. Siemens AG is also part of the project consortium and will provide static frequency converter systems, large-scale drive trains, and special frequency converters, which will allow power to flow bi-directionally for normal and island operation. The PMS provided by Siemens Energy will help maintain a safe balance between power demand and consumption, thus ensuring overall grid stability.

“Siemens Energy has been working in the Troll Field for more than two decades and is proud to support Norway’s ambitions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 % through 2030 and by 80–95 % through 2050,” said Jennifer Hooper, Senior Vice President, Industrial Applications Solutions for Siemens Energy.

Installation and commissioning of the electrical equipment for the Troll West project are scheduled for 2022–2023.


Source: Siemens Energy

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