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Solar-Ops brings soultions for preventing transformer failures

USA, North Carolina, Cornelius: Solar Operations Solutions, LLC (Solar-Ops) has developed monitoring and control solutions to prevent transformer failures and unnecessary downtime.

The two leading causes of catastrophic transformer failure are (1) loss of oil coolant and (2) accumulation of explosive gases. Considering that transformers are the costliest and longest lead-time single point of failure on a PV solar site, it pays to monitor and protect them; preventing months of downtime and lost revenue.

The first solution by Solar-Ops is the El-Jefe Motor Operator, a fully automated switching device that may be retrofitted to electrically disconnect the transformer before a failure occurs. The El-Jefe may be commanded to OPEN using the transformer’s local oil health monitoring gauges, or remotely via operator control.

In addition, the El Jefe’s included controller may be used to electrically isolate and re-energise a transformer with the push of a button. Eliminating dangerous hot stick operations that require special PPE, training, and supervision.

The second solution is aptly named the XFMR Station, which provids oil level, temperature, pressure, and vacuum monitoring. Available in three models, the XFMR Station may also be equipped to provide secondary voltage ground fault and voltage balance detection and revenue grade metering.

Both products provide intuitive visual status indicators, SCADA monitorable alarming, include battery backup for network support during power outages, and are fully compatible with the industry standard Modbus protocol.

Together, the El-Jefe Motor Operator and XFMR Station are capable and cost-effective solutions for protecting pad-mount transformer assets.

Source: PR Newswire

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