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Solar power plant Vis put in operation

Croatia, Vis: On 11 September, solar power plant Vis, the largest solar power plant in Croatia, was put into operation.

The works on the construction of the SPP were performed by KONČAR – Power Plant and Electric Traction Engineering, with Fractal company from Split providing the construction management and supervision.

11,200 photovoltaic modules with power of 340 Wp were installed into the power plant together with five frequency converters with nominal power of 720 kW. They were developed and produced by the Croatian company KONČAR, as one of the key power plant elements. The power plant operation management and supervision system were also developed and produced at KONČAR.

The project was worth $4.9 M (HRK31 M), with 3.5 MW in power and expected to produce five million kWh of electricity a year, enough for 1,600 households.

SE Vis is the first of seven solar power plants HEP will put into operation this year as part of a HRK 750 million cycle of building such plants from 2019 to 2023.

By constructing the solar power plant, the island of Vis got its own source of renewable energy and thus a higher security of electrical supply, especially in periods of increased consumption during the tourist season.

Sources: KONČAR LinkedIn; Croatia Week

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