Image source: SP Energy Networks

SP Energy Networks successfully completes £60 M investment project

UK, Scotland: SP Energy Networks has successfully completed a $73 M (£60 M) investment project to modernise and reinforce the electricity network in Ayrshire and Southwest Scotland.

The improvement works at Kilmarnock South Substation will support the growing demand for greener technologies, including electric vehicles and decarbonised heating such as heat pumps, both of which will be pivotal as the country pushes towards achieving its bold net zero emissions target.

Work began in 2016 to increase the resilience of the local power network and ensure that it remains reliable for decades to come, while also able to support the demands of future developments and connections in the region.

Kilmarnock South Substation is situated to the Southeast of Kilmarnock and plays a crucial part in the electricity transmission network, forming a hub for a number of key overhead lines. The project saw a sizeable extension added to the existing substation footprint, allowing for two additional high voltage facilities to be built that substantially increase its electrical power capacity. The work has also resulted in the replacement of ageing equipment with modern, efficient technology.

“The £60 M upgrade project we have completed allows us to transport clean energy from Ayrshire and Southwest Scotland across central and southern Scotland and beyond, supporting renewable energy solutions and ensuring a secure and reliable electricity supply now and for years to come. The upgrade responds to the increasing demand for electricity as we play a central role in net zero targets, preparing the way for the significant future requirements and the growth involved in home use and electric vehicles going forward. I am very proud of the work the team has carried out, which ensures we work towards a greener future for our communities,” said Pearse Murray, Transmission Director at SP Energy Networks.

Kilmarnock South Substation joins a number of other SP Energy Networks substations across the country that have been upgraded to accommodate additional green energy and become more efficient with similar work both ongoing and planned across more of the network operator’s other substations.


Source: SP Energy Networks