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Special Edition Superconductivity

Special Edition Superconductivity – Call for participation


Transformers Magazine cordially invites all interested parties including academic researchers, professional engineers, electrical utilities and consultants, as well as component and tape/wire manufacturers to take part in our Special Edition issue focusing on Superconductivity for power network applications.

We hope that this special edition will shed a new light on the disruptive innovation in the field of applied superconducting that is expected to change the world and modernize the power network assets. Topics that would be of interest in this edition are listed here:

Roadmap to future of large-scale superconductivity for power network application, Advancements in superconducting technology in the power grid, System optimization, considering cost, efficiency, overall performance, and reliability, Superconductivity for smart grids, Superconductivity for HVDC systems, High temperature superconducting devices, MgB2 superconducting devices, Superconducting power transformer, Superconducting traction transformer, Superconducting fault current limiter, Superconducting power cable, Superconducting magnetic energy storage, Installation feasibility studies and policy, Risk mitigation and reliability, Measurements and experimental tests, Simulation of device performances, Diagnostics and condition monitoring, Superconducting asset management, Manufacturing process and future plan,
Economic evaluation, Cooling system design, evaluation, and costs, Artificial intelligence for applied superconductivity, Reliability and lifetime estimation of the superconducting devices, Thermal and mechanical performance of superconducting devices, Circular economy in superconductivity, etc.



We invite authors to submit original, previously unpublished material. Authors can express intent to submit a paper, or submit their full-length manuscripts following our regular submission procedure by February 28th 2021.

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Why should you take part in this special edition?

Our peer-reviewed articles are being used as reference documents by CIGRÉ, IEEE, and other working groups, thus giving its content longevity as well as recognition by the highest professional authorities in the field.

Becoming our corporate ally gives your brand long term visibility and credibility among industry experts and professionals.

With more than 450 published authors, we have created thousands of pages of high-quality material for 20,000 subscribers and have a combined following of 60,000 on social media.

Our e-learning brand of Transformers Academy equips the attendees with new knowledge and enriches them with a fresh perspective on the old one, while it also gives the hosts an excellent opportunity to communicate their domain expertise.

Use our call for participation to expand your community and reach new users for your products and services.

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