SPECO sponsoring two upcoming live e-lessons at the TA

Due to the large interest in the DGA course by Marius Grisaru and Transformer oil course by CS Narasimhan, SPECO is sponsoring two upcoming live e-lessons, which will take place this month, completely free of charge. Click here to save your seat for the Implementing DGA to distinguish between real faults and non-critical failures lesson in the DGA course, or here to get the room link for the Reconditioning and reclaiming of mineral oils session in the Transformer oil course. These courses deal with similar topics and transformer oil experts, students and anyone interested in this topic should join. To see the differences between the courses, take a look at the syllabus for each.

DGA course brochure

Transformer oil course brochure


The lesson #12 is conducted on Master’s level of the DGA course and it will be held live on Monday, 25 October 2021, 4:00 PM CET.

Learn about:

  • transformer fault severity from DGA evaluation, real cases of avoiding fault alarms and disconnected transformers just before a critical failure,
  • levels of total combustion gases and trends versus fault severity,
  • advanced diagnostic approach emerging from particular individual, practical and theoretical practice – an old but gold diagnostic method,
  • real cases inspected after DGA evaluation by different methods.


The lesson #6 is conducted on Intermediate level of the Transformer oil course and it will be held live on Monday, Thursday, 28 October 2021, 3:00 PM CET.

The lesson will define the two processes – reconditioning and reclaiming of mineral oil. The criteria for deciding whether to carry out reconditioning or reclaiming will be discussed in detail, taking into consideration the IEC60422 standard.


The content of both lessons is fully vendor agnostic, but the lessons are sponsored by SPECO.

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