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STD Transformer completes shipment to Dominican Republic

Adana, Turkey: STD is a solution partner for the maintenance of transformers with specialist engineers and high-tech test devices.

Giving great importance to R&D studies and producing special transformers for “Solar Park Projects”, STD took part in the photovoltaic solar park project of one of the largest solar park projects in Spain (Huelva Region of Andalusia). Recently, STD Transformer successfully completed the shipment of 13 pieces of 4.3 MVA medium voltage special type transformers to Dominican Republic.

STD Transformer General Manager Yiğit Dağsuyu stated that they give great importance to the process that is structured for the continuous improvement of services and systems, and that their companies owe their firm and steady rise to expert teams in their field. Finally, he made a statement that among their 2021 targets, they will focus on power transformers production and marketing.


Source: STD Transformer

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