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Substation automation in Thailand

Thailand: Moxa facilitates substation automation in Pattaya, an important pilot site on Thailand’s Energy 4.0 journey while driving Thailand’s economic success.

Moxa, a company providing state-of-the-art solutions for substation automation and feeder automation applications for both public utilities and enterprises, is collaborating with Thailand’s Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) and Italthai Engineering, the leading engineering contractor for engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services, to transform Pattaya into a smart city by upgrading its electrical infrastructure to a smart grid. The digital upgrade also enables PEA to spearhead the Thai government’s Energy 4.0 initiative, driving the energy transition progress that is contributing to Thailand’s economic success and its competitiveness among ASEAN nations.

The key to the transformation is the digital upgrade of Pattaya’s substations to improve power delivery and minimize unstable voltage supplies during power outages. The digital transformation of the smart substations in Pattaya has made it the pilot city of a new paradigm for Thailand’s power sector, which emphasizes adopting renewable energy sources in line with the global trend of developing a low-carbon economy.

“In implementing and maintaining a digital substation communication system, we need an expert we know we can trust,” said Pongsakorn Yuthagovit, assistant governor for PEA. “Moxa’s expertise in critical network communication helps us set the cornerstone for optimizing the flexibility and efficiency of the smart grid through automated communication, monitoring, and management of the overall power network.”


Source: Engineer Live

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