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TA: An Introduction to Transformer Oil – A brief overview of transformers based on insulation systems – available on demand!

The live e-lesson was held on 18 February 2021 at 2 PM CET, authored and hosted at the Transformers Academy by Dr. Narasimhan.

If you wish to attend it on demand, click here.

This lesson belongs to basic level of the Transformer Oil Course, which will be conducted on three levels: basic, intermediate and master’s. The registration to intermediate and master’s level will soon be available.


The topic covers the following aspects:

  • Why mineral oil is the most popular fluid among different oils
  • A technical comparison of oil-filled transformers (OIT) with gas-insulated transformers, dry-type transformers and liquid nitrogen cooled transformers highlighting the major advantages of OITs over the other types of transformers
  • Finally, a list of major transformer oil suppliers and the grades of oils they make is also be provided

Keywords: mineral oil, oil-filled transformers, SF6 insulated transformer, dry type, HTS 


Dr. Narasimhan is a Ph.D. in Chemistry with over 30 years of experience in Industrial R&D. While working as a technical director in a major oil company manufacturing transformer oils, he led project teams for developing and commercializing mineral oils for EHV applications and ester fluids. He is a member of several IEC and CIGRE committees dealing with transformer oils. He has several publications and patents to his credit.