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TA: DGA Course – e-lesson #3 – Launching dissolved gas analysis for electrical equipment filled with oil – available on demand!

The live e-lesson was held, by Marius Grisaru at the Transformers Academy, on Thursday, 8 October 2020, at 3 PM CET. If you have missed it, click here to register for free.

Also, if you wish to attend all previously held e-lessons in the DGA course, see this list:

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DGA course – e-lesson #2


In the third e-lesson you can learn about improving the efficiency invests on dissolved gas analysis, planning synchronizing and selecting most adequate paths for the DGA tests.

Specifically, learn about:

  • Planning the DGA tests according to transformer importance, size, status, operational aspects
  • Recommended DGA test frequencies for regular tests and special cases
  • Brief explanation on the correlation of unusual DGA results and frequencies, not only trend
  • Sampling principles for DGA along with other tests
  • How to choose between an online DGA device, portable DGA device, and DGA in a specialized oil laboratory

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