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TA: DGA Course – e-lesson #5 – Gas extraction methodology for DGA – open for registration!

This is the fifth e-lesson in the entire course, and second one on the intermediate level. Click here to attend it live on 10 February 2021 at 3 PM CET.

To attend other e-lessons in the DGA course at the Transformers Academy on demand, click here. Choose the DGA course level which suits your needs best.


Extraction of gases from different types of insulation oils by different processes is the most challenging and least researched process of DGA. For a reliable DGA, it is crucial to have a very good understanding of the nature and consequences of different processes and parameters.

In this e-lesson you will learn how to adapt extraction method to sampling, measurement, transformer type, insulating oils type, how to monitor extraction efficiency by calibration, use of constant physical parameters, calculated parameters etc. We will also discuss reliability of each individual method and talk about important differences between IEC60567 and ASTM D3612.