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TA: e-lesson Advantages of using Micafluid technology for insulating oil – open for registration!

The live e-lesson will be held on 25 November at the Transformers Academy, at 2 PM CET.

This session will have four presenters, all from Micafluid, and they will be Bruno Alexandre, Andreas Gruber, Paul Gonçalves and Oliver Kraeuchi. Please take a look at their biographies here, where you can also register to attend the lesson for free.

Micafluid is the world leader in engineering and development of insulating oil and SF6 gas treatment plants.

Micafluid is the sole beneficiary of a century-old heritage, which has built an extensive wealth of knowledge and experience in the power industry. Founded in 2005, Micafluid took over the oil treatment and regeneration business from ABB Switzerland Micafil. The company’s strong expertise makes it the ideal partner for energy operators, as it not only cares about equipment, but helps dedicated businesses worldwide save money and time.

The company’s research and development team is committed to transformer plant maintenance through the removal of water, gas and sediment contents.

The team also work to preventively preserve equipment’s original insulating performance according to the latest industrial standards and protocols.

Attend the live e-lesson to know more about the products they manufacture, the benefits of using their technology and new developments for the future.