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TA: E-lesson Implementing and Monitoring Overall Equipment Efficiency of Transformers – available on demand!

The live e-lesson at the Transformers Academy was held on 9 September at 2 PM CET. It was authored and presented by Ales Bertuzzi, Alexander Tschoeltsch and Joachim Ehrig.

If you have missed it live, please, attend it here on demand.

About the e-lesson

This e-lesson shows important considerations on how to implement and monitor the Distribution Transformer Process looking at the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) becoming an important KPI which takes into account the mix of Availability with Productivity and Quality.

While monitoring solutions are already common in different processes and applications, not all companies in the transformer field are paying the required attention to this important issue. Furthermore, digitalization and connectivity of new machines will allow deeper analysis and improvements of combined production processes.

A good improvement of actual situation can be taken through the close collaboration between forward looking transformer manufacturers and suppliers of processing equipment with an innovative approach.

Any processing equipment should be able to communicate with each other, with the design office and the supplier, allowing important data sharing that, if well organized, contributes to important process improvement and optimization, considering all factors like Machine, Man, Materials, Methods.

Attend this e-lesson to learn more.