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TA: E-lesson Total gas pressure for automated transformer condition assessment – open for registration!

New: next level DGA monitoring — total gas pressure

Maximizing a power transformer’s operational life

Vaisala’s has just released a brand new, groundbreaking method to detect in real time, in very early phase any air leaks into a sealed power transformer’s tank. Called total gas pressure, or TGP, it is the most reliable and intuitive method on the market.

TGP beyond leak detection

TGP is based on proven and robust pressure sensing technology, that helps ensure your sealed transformer stays sealed. But in addition to online DGA monitoring, total gas pressure is a valuable tool for health indexes, automated transformer condition assessment and even operative loading guidance, just to give a few examples.

Want to know more?

Pencil in Vaisala’s e-lesson at Transformers Academy on November 17, 2020 (17.00 CET / 11.00 EST)

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