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TA: L2 TCA Course – Vibration and sound analysis of oil filled power transformers – open for registration!

This live e-lesson will be held live on Tuesday, 2 February 2021, at 3 PM CET, at the Transformers Academy, authored by Jon Giesecke.

Click here if you wish to attend it.

This is the first e-lesson on the intermediate level of this course and second lesson all together. If you want to see the previous lesson, which is now available on demand, click here. Also, choose the level of this course, which suits your needs best.


In this lesson you will learn:

  • Frequencies used to determine looseness.
  • Core form vs Shell form; determining where to take readings and the importance of follow up readings.
  • Vibration Analysis of oil circulation pumps in the cooling system will also be provided.
  • Ultrasonic (acoustic emission) analysis of transformer main windings and pumps/motors.
  • Sound Level Analysis of oil filled power transformers and how the sound levels relate to core tightness.
  • A weighting vs C weighting
  • Determining where to take the sound level readings