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TA: OLTC Course – e-lesson #2: Resistor type OLTC – open for registration!

This live e-lesson at the Transformers Academy will be held on 20 November at 2 PM CET, and same as with the first lesson in this course, it will be presented by its author – Dr. Raka Levi.

What’s new this time is that this is the first e-lesson in the intermediate level of the OLTC course, therefore, new subscription is necessary. If you wish to subscribe to the intermediate level of the OLTC course and attend the upcoming lesson, please click here.

If you have missed the first e-lesson (basic level), feel free to attend it on demand here.


In this e-lesson you will learn of resistor type tap changers, the difference between selector and selector switch, operation of a diverter and arcing tap switch.

Dr. Levi as one of the world’s leading experts in diagnostics of OLTC in a  high voltage oil-filled power transformers, will explain principles of operation of resistor type tap changer applied to power transformers, as well as a brief preview of the future sessions.

KeywordsOLTC, DETC, transformer, resistor

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