TA: OLTC Course – e-lesson #6: Testing reactor type on load tap changers – available on demand!

The live e-lesson was held on 25 Feb 2021 at 2 PM CET, at the Transformers Academy, authored and hosted by Dr. Raka Levi.

If you’ ve missed it live, attend it on demand, which you can do for all of the previously held lessons in this course.

The latest e-lesson was conducted on the Intermediate level of the OLTC Course, but feel free to choose the level of your preferences. To see the entire syllabus, see the OLTC Brochure.


Dynamic diagnostic techniques for condition assessment of power transformers equipped with reactor type on load tap changers, dynamic resistance measurement, vibration analysis, good graphs, bad graphs, defect detection, etc.

Keywords: Dynamic test, diagnostics, reactor OLTC, transformer, preventive autotransformer