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TA: OLTC Course – lesson #1: On-load tap-changer basics – available on demand!

The live e-lesson was held on 28 October at 2 PM CET, at the Transformers Academy, by Raka Levi. If you have missed it, click here to attend it on demand.

This was the first e-lesson in the OLTC Course. Stay tuned for the upcoming ones!


In this lesson Mr. Levi talked about the basics of load tap changers, their purpose, various construction types and principle of operation of its patented procedure, resistor and reactor constructions.

Also, he presented three types of regulation, and try to understand what is written on the OLTC nameplate.

Key takeaways: Tap-changer definitions, OLTC, DETC, principle of operation and patented procedure, resistor and reactor constructions, three types of regulation, understanding the OLTC nameplate

Keywords: tap changers, OLTC, regulation, transformers

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