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TA: L2 Transformer Condition Assessment Course – e-lesson #1: Introduction – open for registration!

This is the first e-lesson in the L2 Transformer Condition Assessment Course, authored and held at the Transformers Academy by Jon Giesecke. It will be held on 1 December at 3 PM CET, and if you want to attend, please click here.

Note: If you were already registered for the lesson that was planned for 13 November, but it was postponed, your room link is still valid. Feel free to use it on 1 December.


This lesson is for all those interested in a methodology and inspection process for oil filled power transformers. Mr. Giesecke, as one of the world’s leading experts in combining technologies used in the in-service inspection of high voltage oil-filled power transformers and substation diagnostics, will explain Level I testing and compare it to Level II. He will also give an overview of PD detection, vibration & sound level analysis for power transformers, as well as a brief preview of the future sessions.

This is the basic level of the course and it is free of charge, while the future e-lessons will be held at the intermediate and master’s level.

Registration for those course levels will soon be available, so stay tuned!