Image source: T&D India

Tata Power DDL gears up to meet record peak summer demand

India, New Delhi: Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd (Tata Power-DDL) has estimated a peak electricity demand of about 2,150 MW this summer season.

The company arranged up to 2,400 MW, the power utility catering to north Delhi said in a release.

As per IMD’s summer forecast  2021 the regions along the Indo Gangetic Plains including Delhi are likely to experience maximum temperatures that will be above normal during May and June. The forecast says that the maximum temperatures can go up to 0.71 °C over the normal Long Period Average (LPA), the release noted.

TPDDL is fully prepared to meet any increase in electricity demand by the essential service providers amidst the raging pandemic like hospitals, vaccination centres, quarantine centres, pharmacies, labs, water treatment plant, streetlights etc. The company also believes that the work from home guidelines during the ongoing pandemic will further increase the domestic AC load leading to a spurt in demand.

TPDDL’s power arrangements during the summer-months include long-term agreements from power-plants like Maithon Power, NTPC stations, and Delhi-based gas fuelled generating stations. Additionally, the company will also be receiving around 20 MW from Solar Energy Corporation of India, 180 MW from Sun Edison and around 50 MW from wind energy.

Apart from these, Tata Power-DDL is also using advanced techniques and avenues like ‘Banking’, ‘Reserve Shutdown’, ‘Power Exchange’ and ensuring sufficient ‘Spinning Reserves’  towards effective power management.


Source: T&D India