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Testing of auxiliaries of power transformers

The 21st lesson in the Transformer testing course, authored and conducted by Mr. Balazs Sztari, titled Testing of auxiliaries of power transformers will be held live on Monday, 24 January 2022 at 2 PM CET, and this is where you can get your room link.

The session will be free of charge in the live format, but later you will need to subscribe to the appropriate course level in order to attend the on-demand session. Check the Transformer testing course levels and select the one which suits your needs best.


Functional testing of control and protection devices of power transformers is a routine test during FAT and an essential site commissioning test. This chapter of the Transformer Testing Course will explain how to carry out this test and what are the standard requirements.

Keywords: power transformers, transformer testing, functional test, control and protection, check of auxiliaries