Image source: Royal SMIT Transformers B.V.

The fifth transformer installed at the new 380 kV high-voltage substation at Vierverlaten

The Netherlands, Vierverlaten: On 9 July 2021, the fifth transformer was installed at the new 380 kV high-voltage substation.

With a transformer capacity of 5400 MVA, this will be the largest high-voltage substation in the Netherlands, and the substation will form the final link in the 380 kV electricity highway between Eemshaven and Vierverlaten. The connection will be commissioned in 2023.

Recently, the five transformers arrived to Hoogkerk and later in the day they were driven to the high-voltage substation on the Hoendiep.

The 750 MVA 380/220/50kV transformers will be assembled by Smit employees.
TenneT is expanding the Vierverlaten high-voltage substation in order to properly manage the energy transports in the near future, fed by the direct current connections from abroad and the wind and solar parks.

Source: Royal SMIT Transformers B.V.