The introductory e-lesson of the Transformer Testing Course is now available on demand

The Transformer Testing Course of the Transformers Academy is held by Balazs Sztari, the Head of Testing Laboratory at CG Hungary. The course is intended for the consultants, engineers, and technicians who are involved in performing or witnessing power transformer testing.

Attendees will be able to learn about test procedures, test equipment and circuits, evaluation methods, and so on.

The introductory e-lesson was broadcast live on Monday. 72 live attendees had the opportunity to hear more about the Transformer Testing Course, classification of power transformer testing, standards and sequence of the tests as well as the preparation of the transformer for testing. After the presentation, during the Q&A period, the author answered questions arriving from the audience.

Whether you were registered for the session and have for some reason missed it, or you were not registered but now you wish to attend the lesson, we have the solution for you: here you can check the Academy “on-demand” section and register for the recorded session. After the registration, check your email inbox to get the right room link and password. That way you can decide for yourself when you want to attend the lesson and enjoy the premium content.

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