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The TESSA® Asset-Management SUITE from Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen

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The challenges for our electricity grids are continuously growing. Rising capacity and fluctuating transformer loads, due to the feed-in of renewable energies and the generator mix, make network operation increasingly complex. This complexity and the growing number of ageing transformers, as well as the increasingly demanding technical requirements for monitoring and control of the systems, are presenting new challenges to the operator. Forward-looking management is essential for efficient operation of the existing systems, systematic planning of measures and for avoiding critical faults in power transformers.


With the TESSA® Asset-Management SUITE, MR offers a modular customer-centred solution for the asset-performance-management


Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen, the world market leader for on-load tap-changers, has developed TESSA® Asset-Management SUITE – a modular software used for the monitoring and diagnostics of the transformer fleet as well as the management of the related assets.

To find out more about the TESSA® Asset-Management SUITE solution, designed to cover all the needs of an asset and service manager, click here and read the whole article.

Keywords: diagnostics, monitoring, software, transformer fleet

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