TI unveils EMI-optimised integrated transformer technology

USA: Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced the integrated circuit (IC) developed with a new proprietary integrated transformer technology.

The UCC12050 is a 500 MW high-efficiency isolated DC/DC converter with, what the company claims, is the industry’s lowest electromagnetic interference (EMI). Its 2.65 mm height enables designers to reduce their solution volume by as much as 80 % compared to discrete solutions and 60 % compared to power modules.

Built for industrial performance, the UCC12050’s 5-kVrms reinforced isolation and 1.2-kVrms working voltage protect against high-voltage spikes in systems such as industrial transport, grid infrastructure and medical equipment.

TI’s integrated transformer technology enables high-density isolated DC/DC power conversion, while maintaining low EMI. The single-package, surface-mount architecture gives designers an easy-to-use, low-profile IC that reduces the bill of materials (BOM), and is able to efficiently operate across a wide temperature range. An EMI-optimised, low capacitance transformer and quiet control scheme streamline EMI compliance while providing a more reliable solution with options for reinforced or basic isolation.


Source: New Electronics