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Transformer blasts as Cyclone Amphan pummels Bengal

India, West Bengal, Kolkata: Dramatic videos of an electrical transformer sparking and exploding in Kolkata in the evening of 20 May have emerged on social media as Cyclone Amphan battered Bengal.

The video, captured from a building’s balcony, shows bright sparks going off as the transformer explodes after heavy rain and gusty winds pounded the state capital and its nearby areas.



Several trees have been uprooted, walls have collapsed and three people died as monster winds of Cyclone Amphan hammered the state.

Buildings were damaged, glass windows were broken, even cars bumped into one another as winds with speeds over 100 km / hr pummeled through Kolkata, leaving behind a trail of destruction. Power outages have been reported from several parts of the city while 600,000 people have been taken to shelters in West Bengal.

Source: NDTV