Transformer management system – TrafoGrade: April 2021 preview

This paper presents the TrafoGrade system, developed by Energo-Complex Ltd. The main purpose of this tool is to aid a decision-making process regarding the operation of power transformers. The system consists of four modules, the most important being a multi-parameter evaluation of the technical condition of a transformer.

The second is an assessment of importance of the unit, which concerns things such as energy security, technical possibilities of a transformer renovation or replacement, as well as reliability of the power supply and costs of its absence.

The third module aims to determine prospects for operation of each unit, with an emphasis on technical and economic factors.

Lastly, the data is processed by a computer system to support the decision-making process for transformer population management. The article presents an example of implementation of this system in a power distribution company in Poland.

Keywords: asset management, diagnostics, TrafoGrade, transformer

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