Transformer PD and tan ∂ Monitoring solutions by PDS

Transformer PD and tan ∂ Monitoring solutions by PDS – Power Diagnostic Service

Bushings are vital components in high-voltage equipment. The bushing itself performs an essential task and is submitted to the same stresses as the equipment. If a bushing fails, the cost can be substantially higher than the small price of the bushing itself. The EZY on-line Bushing Monitor measures the relevant risk parameters, in situ, with bushings energized.

·        It precisely measures the dielectric current phasor of each bushing as well as its harmonics. The current phasors relate directly to the change of the insulation properties of the bushing, dielectric loss and capacitance, non-linearity.

·        The unique EZY timing features, allow instantaneous and time synchronized comparison of several devices in a plant, allowing to identify and separate network events from bushing specific events, and subsequently also transient overvoltage detection.

·        Sophisticated signal spectrum treatment allows for tracking non-linear effects, which are risk related.

·        The EZY BM data acquisition module is designed for time-synchronous digitizing for up to four transformers and three analogue inputs each.

·        The time synchronizing allows a phase precision of up to 0.01° @ 100kHz sampling rate. It can be synchronized over a LAN-network and powered over Ethernet (PoE); it can be integrated into an existing LAN-network as well.

·        You need an individual information system, which provides a unique state-of-the-art to the split second accurate ‘big picture’ to monitor and control your utility efficiently.

·        It is our mission to deliver easily understandable, detail-oriented and holistic products to enable more economical decisions.

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“Whether it is a small, integrated system or heavy-duty power plant, the EZY Family is a modular concept, which guarantees the perfect solution optimized specifically for you.”

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