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Transformer Testing Lesson #6: Dielectric tests on power transformers – available on demand!

If you have missed the live e-lesson, which was held on 28 September 2020 at 2 PM CET, you can attend it on demand here.

The live e-lesson was hosted at the Transformers Academy by Balazs Sztari, who is the author of the entire Transformer Testing course. All of the so far held lessons are available on demand and are listed as follows:

Transformer Testing Course – e-lesson #1

Transformer Testing Course – e-lesson #2 – Measurement of voltage ratio and check of phase displacement

Transformer Testing Course – e-lesson #3 – Winding resistance measurement

Transformer Testing Course – e-lesson #4 – Short-circuit impedance and load loss measurement

Transformer Testing Course – e-lesson #5 – No-load loss and current measurement

About the sixth e-lesson

The sixth lesson of Transformers Testing Course provides an overview of dielectric tests without going into the details of test techniques. The overview lesson organizes the tests according to their standard (IEC and IEEE) requirements and which part of the transformer insulation is tested.

Keywords: power transformers, transformer testing, dielectric tests, insulation tests, high voltage tests

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