Image source: Ely Standard

Transformer the weight equivalent of 14.5 double decker buses arrives safely

UK, Burwell: National Grid described it as the size of a bungalow – Suffolk Highways preferred the weight equivalent of 14.5 double decker buses.

It took months of planning, on the day involved rolling roadblocks and teams of workers as the 184 T transformer travelled from Ipswich Docks to a substation at Burwell. The transformer, which is more than eight metres long, four metres tall and five metres wide, needed specialist transportation to carry it on its way.

Suffolk Highways worked for months with Highways England, Suffolk and Norfolk Police, contractors Allelys, and Cambridgeshire County Council.

“We have been working together to prepare for the next abnormal load – transformer movement, on behalf of National Grid,” said a Suffolk council spokesperson.

Specialist trailers were used to support the transformer and the total length of the vehicle exceeded 60 m.

National Grid project manager, David Oglesby, said: “Millions of people rely on us to supply their electricity without interruption, day in, day out so it’s important that we keep our substations and the equipment in them working efficiently.

National Grid says transformers play a vital role in helping to ensure the UK continues to enjoy safe and reliable electricity supply.

“We need to make sure the old one, which has now reached the end of its life, is replaced,” said a spokesperson.


Source: Ely Standard