Transformers Academy: E-lesson “DGA course – E-lesson #2” – open for registration!

The live e-lesson, hosted at the Transformers Academy, will be held on 19 June 2020, at 2PM CET.

Your presenter and e-lesson’s author is Marius Grisaru, chemist with expertise in insulating oil domain, focusing on dissolved gas analysis from sampling to diagnosing.

You can register here.

About the e-lesson


In this e-lesson we will discuss and answer most relevant questions from the audience of the first DGA e-lesson.

We will also give the opportunity to attendees to ask specific questions on their own DGA cases.

Further, we will refer and discuss the results of the pools from the first e- lesson.

Finally, we will give the overview of the entire DGA course at TA.


Keywords: diagnose, dissolve gas analysis, online


If you have missed the first DGA e-lesson in this course, you can attend it on demand here.