Image source: Aurtra

Transformers Academy: E-lesson “Improve insulation life forecasts with accurate DP analysis” – open for registration!

Due to the high interest in our e-lesson and to accommodate different time zones around the world, we have decided to repeat the e-lesson we had on June 23rd, adding some information based on the feedback from attendees.

Learn how live data and advanced algorithms that incorporate industry standards can be used to consistently estimate insulation health and also forecast remaining life. See the impact of shifting conditions such as heat waves and volatile renewable energy flows on the life expectancy of your fleet. Save money and optimize the use of transformer life by making better decisions for maintenance, operations and capital projects based on accurate and complete information.

Live e-lesson titled Improve insulation life forecasts with accurate DP analysis will be held on 22 July 2020, 1 PM EDT / 10 AM PDT / 3 PM CET.

Your presenter and e-lesson’s author will be Alonso Castillo from AURTRA.

Learn more and register!