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Transformers Academy: Transformer testing #4: Short-circuit impedance and load loss measurement – open for registration!

Fourth e-lesson in the Transformer Testing Course, titled Short-circuit impedance and load loss measurement is open for registration.

The live lesson will be held on 13 July 2020 at 2 PM CET, at the Transformers Academy. Your presenter and e-lesson’s author is Balázs Sztari – the head of Testing and Quality Control department at CG Electric Systems Hungary (formerly Ganz).

Attend and learn about relevant standards, test and evaluation methods, and requirements for test equipment of short-circuit impedance and load loss measurement of power transformers. Click here and register for free.

This e-lesson is sponsored by CG Electric Systems Hungary.

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If you have missed the first three lessons, and you wish to attend them on demand, please, check the links below.


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