Image source: Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG

Transformers delivered to Grimsel 2 hydroelectric power plant

Switzerland, Oberhasli: The four generator transformers in the KWO’s Grimsel 2 hydroelectric power plant were already 44 years old and now had to be replaced.

Transformers are used to feed electrical energy from a higher voltage power grid into a low voltage power grid, or vice versa.

A special part of the project was the transport of the transformers. They were driven staggered in July and September to the Grimsel. They started in Linz in Austria and then came via Central Switzerland and Brünig Pass to Oberhasli.

Again and again, the “Kirchet” between Meiringen and Innertkirchen is a challenge for logistics, as the road is narrow and there are some hairpin bends to pass.

In Meiringen, the transformers were then transferred from the so-called “boiler bridge” to a “side girder bridge” with a 300 T pneumatic crane. A side girder bridge is shorter, re-steering and it can hydraulically lift the transformer (practical for curves and elevations) and lower it to street level (practically in a gallery or in the tunnel). The side girder bridge has 10 axles with 8 wheels each – i.e. 80 wheels.

The old transformers were transported with the same vehicle configuration from the Grimsel 2 headquarters to Innertkirchen and dismantled there by employees of Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG (KWO) and Grimsel Hydro for disposal. Arnold AG, a subsidiary of BKW AG, supported us in dismantling and assembling the transformers.

The transformers were transported under the direction of Felbermayr-Group together with Zaugg AG Rohrbach and von Bergen Transporte AG.


Source: Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG