Image source: VTC

Transformers Magazine scores a convincing win in an independent survey

In an online survey by Virginia Transformer Corp, Transformers Magazine has been selected as the favourite energy industry magazine.

Transformers Magazine has won 73 % votes as the best magazine in the industry, showing a remarkable support of our readers worldwide.

The survey was conducted on LinkedIn by Virginia Transformer Corp. (VTC), a US-based engineering company that manufactures transformers. With 50 years in custom design and construction of power transformers, VTC has firmly established itself as one of the leading US transformer manufacturers.

In addition to this sweeping success, Transformers Magazine has also marked several milestones in its LinkedIn groups: over 30,000 followers in Transformer Forum and over 36,000 followers in High Voltage Electric Power Equipment group, i.e., over 75,000 followers across social media.

“This recognition has encouraged us to move on with even greater devotion and passion. I hope that the projects which we are soon to announce will be our best response to the honour that you have given us,” commented Mladen Banovic, Editor-in-Chief at Transformers Magazine.


Source: Transformers Magazine