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Transformers Magazine’s research on transformer innovation landscape

Innovation has been an integral part of the transformer industry since the beginning, which was 150 years ago. The speed of development has always followed a careful and conservative approach, as the investments and the required dependability are high. Nonetheless, it can be said that with the advancement of technology, today’s transformer is definitely by 1/3 lighter / smaller than the transformer only one generation of engineers ago (approximately 40 years). Still, our industry is considered a very slow mover and not a strong innovation driver. Is that true?

With this short questionnaire we will endeavour to get a quick overview of the innovation / R&D landscape in the recent years as well as a potential outlook to the future, and share the report summary with the respondents.

All questions are transformer market related (transformers, transformer materials, components, monitoring, testing, diagnostics, engineering, service, etc.).

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You can take the survey by 12 November 2021.