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Transformers Magazine’s Technology and market research 2021 – extension of the deadline to complete the survey!

Transformers Magazine’s Technology and market research 2021 is focused on the entire value chain. Some of the questions related to components and materials that our research aims to answer are:

  • Which bushing and tap-changer technologies will be the priority in the future?
  • Is voltage regulation necessary in distribution transformers?
  • How likely is it that people would buy digitised transformers that use artificial intelligence tools?
  • Which trends in transformer cooling will be relevant in the future?
  • What is the importance of oil biodegradability, oxidation stability, fire safety, heat transfer, and re-refining?

Answers to these and some other questions might be a game changer for your business and your career. If you would like to get these answers, please fill out the questionnaire by 23 July.

The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete, and all respondents will obtain the summary report.