Image source: Končar

Transformers – the flagship of KONČAR’s export

Over the last hundred years transformers have played a pivotal role in KONČAR‘s success in energy solutions.

Three KONČAR transformer manufacturers – Instrument Transformers (KMT), Distribution and Special Transformers (D&ST) and Power Transformers (KPT), Siemens Energy and KONČAR joint venture, realise the highest share of export in the total Group revenue.

A significant part of deliveries is directed towards developed industrial countries and the EU market clearly highlights KONČAR’s capabilities and competitiveness. The unique approach of all three companies is based on the notion that each new project is a new challenge and a satisfied customer is the best reference for future business. They focused on the development and use of environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions, customer-specific approach, rapid lead times and excellent quality.

Last year, KMT made a new step forward in the product range and delivered nine 550 kV, 250 kVA power voltage transformers for a customer in the USA. The customer is one of the strategically most important utilities in the United States. The units are also the largest transformers that the company has produced so far and the largest in the world of this type, given the combination of voltage level and power.

D&ST remained a prominent partner to many European DSOs and TSOs by contracting distribution and medium power transformers and by responding to the new Level 2 Ecodesign Directive requirements, in force as of 1 July 2021.

KPT delivered three three-phase generator transformers to a USA company with rated power of 768 MVA and rated voltage 240/23 kV. The rated power of these three-phase generator transformers was the highest ever manufactured at KPT.

Business performance indicators confirm that KONČAR is successfully operating globally, while constantly scaling up and winning new markets to deliver more than 400,000 transformers worldwide.