Image source: TransGrid

TransGrid’s project to upgrade the Victoria-NSW Interconnector VNI to be finished by the end of the year

Victoria, Australia: TransGrid’s project to upgrade the Victoria-NSW Interconnector VNI is now 55% complete and on track to be completed this year.

VNI, which includes the upgrade of our Stockdill substation in the ACT will increase transfer capacity into NSW from Victoria by 170 MW at times of high demand. The bulk of civil works is complete and the electrical works start next month. VNI will help reduce electricity bills through more efficient sharing of generation resources between the states. It’ll also enable more energy from renewable sources to enter the grid.

The technology VNI uses is Smart Wires which redirects electricity flows to less congested lines when the system detects congestion in the network. Using Smart Wires power flow controller technology on a 330kV network enables additional power to be transmitted efficiently, avoiding the need to upgrade more than 100 kilometres of transmission lines through the Snowy Mountains. More than 100 locals have been employed during the project.

Source: TransGrid

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