Image source: Newsday

T&TEC probing substation fire

Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain: Electricity returned to Port of Spain just after midday on 19 May when a fire at a master substation, at Power Gen, was put out.

Many parts reported being without power shortly after 11 a.m. Traffic on some streets was backed up because traffic lights were not working.

Workers, fire officers, the police and T&TEC general manager Kelvin Ramsook were on the scene.

Ramsook said workers first reported seeing smoke coming from the substation at 11.20 a.m.

Fire and safety officers responded, and the fire was put out about an hour later. It occurred in an enclosed and unmanned area, so no one was injured. Power was restored shortly afterwards.

Ramsook said the cause of the fire had not yet been established, and an investigation was under way. “We are looking into the incident to resolve the issues,” Ramsook said, adding that the damage was not substantial and restricted to an area of circuit breakers.

“At this substation, most of the gears have been replaced and we are in the process of doing additional replacement of cable and circuit breakers.”

Source: Newsday